Fleet Management

AOGT fleet are fully integrated with advance Vehicle Tracking System for better control, improve efficiency andReduce downtime which holds the key to profitability of a transportation. By regular monitoring the periodic maintenance of our Fleet, the vehicle will be always on a schedule time, and save valuable time of customer.

Our Tracking solution comes with Passengers Mobile App that helps the customer to select favorite routes and to see the current location of the vehicles towards the pick points. It also allows to post feedbacks and suggestion for the improvement of the service

    To ensure that the highest standards of fleet management are met and to be the best of the best in the industry, we operate:
  • A policy of vehicle replacements
  • Systems for fleet lifecycle management
  • Strict vehicle servicing and maintenance standards
  • Maintaining services and maintenance records
  • Strict inspection systems
  • Live management of vehicle tracking systems through our central database
  • Driver behavior monitoring
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